Lyrics to Smiles
by Judy Garland

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[edit]Song titleSmiles
[edit]Artist nameJudy Garland
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If you just stop to think, here's a lesson for you
What a word or a smile can convey
With a word you can make someone happy or blue
With a smile you can make them sad or gay

So be careful what you say
And be careful how you smile
It's so easy for us to make
Someone's life worthwhile

There are smiles, that make us happy
Find more similar lyrics on are smiles, that make us blue
There are smiles, that steal away the teardrops
Like the Sunbeams steal away the dew

There are smiles, that have a tender meaning
That the eyes of love alone can see
But the smiles, that fill my life with sunshine
Are the smiles that you gave to...

But the smiles, that fill my life with sunshine
Are the smiles that you gave to me!
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Lyrics to Smiles
by Judy Garland

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