Lyrics to The boy Next Door
by Judy Garland

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[edit]Song titleThe boy Next Door
[edit]Artist nameJudy Garland
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The moment I saw him smile
I knew he was just my style
My only regret is we've never met
Though I dream of him all the while

But he doesn't know I exist
No matter how I may persist
So it's clear to see
There's no hope for me

Though I live at fifty-one-thirty-five Kensington Avenue
And he lives at fifty-one-thirty-three

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I love him more than I can say
Doesn't try to please me, doesn't even tease me
And he never sees me glance his way

And though I'm heart-sore, the boy next door
Affection for me won't display
I just adore him so I can't ignore him
The boy next door

I just adore him so I can't ignore him
The boy next door
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Lyrics to The boy Next Door
by Judy Garland

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