Lyrics to That's Life
by Julia Fordham

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[edit]Song titleThat's Life
[edit]Artist nameJulia Fordham
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Julia Fordham/Gary Clark)

Welcome to my movie
I have cast myself as
fabulous and lonely
Roll the reel to the end
Will the good guy come back
for the girl again?

And I get no points for being right
And you lose ten
For giving up the flight

But that's life
That's life that's life
My script says we belong together

I demand a re-write
Cut the scene out
Where I'm crying in the half light
And you shoot bullets through me
Make it more like pretty
Find more similar lyrics on meets misery

But that's life
That's life that's life
My script says we belong together

Up close in slow motion
He steals his devotion
Away from her
She falls from frame to frame
Calling out his name
The picture blurs

I get no points for being right
And you lose ten
For giving up the fight

But that's life
That's life that's life
My script says we belong together
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Lyrics to That's Life
by Julia Fordham

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