Lyrics to Belly Dancin' Dina
by Jungle Brothers

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[edit]Song titleBelly Dancin' Dina
[edit]Artist nameJungle Brothers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"Just listen, Don't do it, Pay
attention, Here we go"

Ahhh! Pleasant day in Egypt, I say
Say, what is this?

A tisket, a tasket
I wonder what's in that basket
Sweet Daddy strolled by and said
haven't you seen here?
That right there is Belly Dancin Dina
Now I'm all junglistcally horny
Desperate to see this fine young lady
Toot, toot, toot, pulled out my flute
Yeah, she was so cute
I said I like the way you move around
Do you wanna get down?
I wanted to take her home with me
Behind the bush and up my tree
So I blowed and blowed and I kept on blowing
Hey, wait a minute, baby! Where you going?

Mike G
Dina! Never should have seen her
Hooked by her look now I feel like I need her
Body so pure, she's shaped like an hourglass
As I turned around I peeped out her megablast
I needed acquaintance cause I had no patience
Drugged (by her bellybutton?) no, by her radiance
The hips did dips so I did flips
The pucker of her lips could sink battleships
The basket's glowing from the diamonds' glitter
If I only had it in me to go get with her
The moment I got it I needed a casket
Cause she blew me a kiss and
jumped back in the basket

Belly Dancin Dina!
Boy, you should have seen her
The way she moved her body
All across the dance floor
Tore me all apart, straight to my heart
And it was nothing but a freaky art

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Live from 113th Street and Seventh Avenue
Straight out the pyramid, we gon bring to you
The live one they call Belly Dancin Dina!

Well, today's the day, hooray hooray
Yippee yie yo, yippee yie yie yay
Everybody's waiting for her to arrive
Oooh, she makes my nature rise
All dressed up in her sparkling clothing
I might pass out when that basket opens
Ordinarily I'm not the kind who fiends
Could it be her cute little finger tambourines?
I don't know but it's making me hard
(How hard?) Harder by the yard
Thousands of brothers had congregated
Stone boom, waited and waited
They came in peace, they paid their funds

Kool DJ Red Alert

Mike G
I've got to go get her (Word?)
And if you got bananas I'll be glad to betcha
Push back my chair to walk across the floor
As I got closer her body shook more
My eyes were set on her jelly-like belly
And if I'm dreaming don't nobody tell me
People started standing, I started losing sight
And I was really feeling like this was my night
I dipped to one side and then to another
Ahh, I see Dina! Oooh, my brother
I made a quick to dash to put my hands on ­
Poof! Dina was gone...

Where she disappeared to no one knows
All she left behind were her silky clothes
Smelled the smell of her sweet perfume
Heard a voice say: "I'll
be back real soon"
Say, say, where you going?

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Lyrics to Belly Dancin' Dina
by Jungle Brothers

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