Lyrics to Consumed in Darkness
by Jungle Rot

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[edit]Song titleConsumed in Darkness
[edit]Artist nameJungle Rot
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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consumed in darkness
burned with flames
blistering bodies
scream in pain
blackness taking over
heat will burn your eyes
dealing devil
dooms day will arise

feel - the pain
your life - I drain

your maker
will soon arrive
to this violent ending
to a hopeless life

lying in the weeds
stab wounds through
your neck
draining all your blood
gashes in your back
evil ways are coming
tearing limb from limb
Find more similar lyrics on eyes are staring
wanting you to kill

in the night
I come to you
live or die what
do you choose
I grab your neck

I slice your skin
feel my rage as you
start to bleed

steal your life
I love to kill
torturing an evil chill
asphyxiate your
face is blue
I watch your eyes
as you start to die

consumed in darkness
I rage you bleed
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Lyrics to Consumed in Darkness
by Jungle Rot

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