Lyrics to Tomb of Armenius
by Jungle Rot

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[edit]Song titleTomb of Armenius
[edit]Artist nameJungle Rot
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Satan's rotting corpse, The Smell of brutal death
release the children of god, And all the blood shed
Fear his evil heaven, The evil hell you fear
Fear the next Pope, The next Anti-Christ

Rip off your face, Death in his eyes
A murderous state, He will arise

The tomb of Armenius
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Kill the unborn fetus
The spirit of the Anti-Christ

Dying spirits cry, The evil thoughts of hell
His spirit is now laughing, At an everlasting pain
Slowly a man dies with seizures, Rips off his own face
And tries to scream, An everlasting death
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Lyrics to Tomb of Armenius
by Jungle Rot

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