Lyrics to Arthur nix
by Jupiter Sunrise

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[edit]Song titleArthur nix
[edit]Artist nameJupiter Sunrise
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We're wondering what you're thinking, Arthur Nix
'Cause ever since you rode your bike into that car, and were quickly
Whisked away by ambulance, you've been so pensive and quiet
Did your arm heal faster than your heart did, Arthur?

Oh, if we had the power to trap anything that could hurt
A human being inside a jar we'd send it far from Earth and watch
It explode in the sun to the cheers of everyone
But, alas, that can't be done

So, Arthur Nix, we came to fix your bicycle
Find more similar lyrics on things sure can come outa nowhere
But when it's finished, we could take it for a ride
You might need it to outrun what's on your mind

That cast you've got on your arm's full of names
But when the doctors take it off you'll sure be glad
And in camp you'll play Four-Square everyday
Just remember to remember it can still be just as fun as yesterday

Heavy things can come out of nowhere - out of thin air - sometimes.
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Lyrics to Arthur nix
by Jupiter Sunrise

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