Lyrics to High Fidelity
by Jurassic 5

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[edit]Song titleHigh Fidelity
[edit]Artist nameJurassic 5
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well my name, Zaakir
I'm versatile
And plus I never eat the
cow if ain't Hilal
Why you rap or bit of
styles in the third
Myself and 7even tight
like cornbread Earl
and me
Showcase with the voice
that's O so fresh
And I can still serve
a brother in a minute
or less
I can talk all day but
I'ma save my breath
And let my nigga' Marc
7even just do the rest

(MARC 7even)
I'll do the rest,
but I won't rest
Gettin' fresh off of any
beat you suggest
High tech with the
combination we prepare
Rap concierge behind there
kickin' the snare
Now check it
Marc's the word
7even marks the spot
Guaranteed to keep it hot
If you like it or not
MCs is ink blots
We verbal hotshots
Taking the top spot
We clutching top notch

And together we, will forever be
High Fidelity
Switching the melody
Can it be
The Casanova speech therapy
That heavenly puts the
flavor right where it
should be
My words have been
connected to the poets
of old
The way I utilize the pen
I turn ink to gold
Keep it overly creative
Innovator of soul
Now check the flavor from the fader
Which my DJ holds


And together we,
Will forever be
High Fidelity
Switching the melody
Can it be the brothers
that you rarely see
They got together for the better
Whether him or me
And together we,
Will forever be
High Fidelity
Switching the melody
Can it be the brothers
that you rarely see
Find more similar lyrics on got together for the better
Whether him or me


(MARC 7even)
You better remember these
Incredible MCs
Our sounds invade
spread plagues just
like a lepresy
Our weapons be our vocals
Guaranteed to smoke you
Better think twice about
stepping with nice
Never focused on ice
And still coming off tight
It's like the color of night
I mean the beat is so right
Soup and 7even
Infiltrate your heart
The beat that's
compliment of DJ Numark

And it's the fifth element
Never repetitive
Highly competitive
Classy and elegant
Super intelligent we
telling it to ladies
and gents
Never irrelevant now do I
have to say it again

(MARC 7even)
The fifth element
Never be hesitant
Totally accurate
Present or past tense
We immaculate in fact you
get a whole crew
Backin' it
Situate my 2-in. staple
Show you what we working with

And together we,
Will forever be
High Fidelity
Switching the melody
Can it be the way that
we demonstrate
All of the twin powers we activate

I'll tear into competitors
Pluck them like chicken feathers
Or better than ever
Incredible poetical editor
Deader?? be better
I bid the regards to
whether whenever
We're clever
Endeavors when me and 7even
rappin' together

MARC 7even)
Your style is post mortem
No decorum
Style borin
We explorin'
You ignorin'
I'm the foreman
And I'm sure when you touring
That you whack and you boring
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Lyrics to High Fidelity
by Jurassic 5

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