Lyrics to My Brother
by Justin Hayward

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[edit]Song titleMy Brother
[edit]Artist nameJustin Hayward
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My brother
If you could cast
a little light on
It's not too soon
You took me halfway
round the world
I'm running out of
time and reasons

My true friend
If you could tell me
what it is that keeps
From coming down
You left me way up in the clouds
The higher you fly
The less I see you

So far
Cross a wild and windy sea
So far
Find more similar lyrics on our voices are
divided by an ocean
An ocean

My brother
If you could take a
little time to slow
It's more your style
It takes a lifetime to decide
I'm running out of
time and reasons
I'm running out
I'm running out

So far
Cross a wild and windy sea
So far
That our voices are
Divided by an ocean
An ocean
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Lyrics to My Brother
by Justin Hayward

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