Lyrics to Da Anthem
by K-Os

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[edit]Song titleDa Anthem
[edit]Artist nameK-Os
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Chorus 1: Don't ask me why, when their coming from
the sky. Just let it go, theirs some things you'll
never know. K-os: See this right here, it will
last for ever, tell my people if you have enough.
Chorus 2: I won't fear anymore, hip hop is back
for sho, cause it took our love away, now shes
come back to stay, i feel sorry for mc's who sold
out so easily but the truth sha'll set them free
free, have no fear, no no fear oh no. Song Off.
Begins: It's a return of an original man from
outer-space, the human race is like eye's without
a face, I pulled your card, I saw you trying to
fool God, and now your trying to switch up the
game but its rather hard. Damn, I thought that
they was down for mine, but atlas a good woman is
hard to find, I get up, really fet up with
infidelity, this is my penalty for infiltrating
with the melody. At times, I look at my face in
the mirror, and some day if the picture is clearer
for me then for them, but then again, they sell
Find more similar lyrics on to kids, and thats what is so I just attack
the buise. This is my soul obligation, to unite
this whole hip hop nation, face it we're taken
over ya radio station, hay'sins this is the time
for jubilation. Chorus 2 Now, we can break it down
like this, and we can break it down like that,
they stole hip-hop. Come on lets take it back, to
east coast stomping, romping over the rythem and
then I hit'em with the most beautful jewls, that
shine threw the darknass, sparkness cause some are
confused with who the hardiest, artist, call me
the fluent mc, slippen who the cracks bring it
back definently. Now who is the man thats forgoten
his name, liven in shame and cant recall the place
we're he came from, the same one dancing on your
video screen, hidious dreams, i cant belive we do
it for greed, but its da anthem to turn back the
fables,wack mc's worken for lables. I'll see you
all in the next life time, it's not Kheaven, just
a message from Serious Seven. Chrous 1 and 2
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Lyrics to Da Anthem
by K-Os

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