Lyrics to Good Days Bad Days
by Kaiser Chiefs

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[edit]Song titleGood Days Bad Days
[edit]Artist nameKaiser Chiefs
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Follow the underdog
Hold on his collar tight
This city loves a scrap
One day it's gonna bite
Sticks and stones and animal bones
Can't stop me from having a good day
On a bad day
There's good days and bad days

Making a night of it
Breaking down barriers
Drowning your sorrows
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Sticks and stones and animal bones
Can't stop me from getting away with
Good days on bad days

If you had a different attitude
Instead of take and take and take
You have missed an opportunity
And that's a really big mistake
If you had a different attitude
You'd still have good days and bad days
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Lyrics to Good Days Bad Days
by Kaiser Chiefs

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