Lyrics to Real Emotions
by Kami

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[edit]Song titleReal Emotions
[edit]Artist nameKami
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Fire of love and
passion of martyr
nowhere to run from it
passages through time
nothing there's to hide
feeling the wind within...

It's real emotions
it's real life
it's love that will last..

there's reasons to perhaps
find things in life
that make you wonder
why this can't be the end tonight
there's times to remember
just why we're here
even though there's many defaults
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Decedents of precedents
discoveries of happiness
nothing that no one admires

You are the door that
opens the heart
something that I desire...

chorus// break // chorus

There's many ways
to feel the joy of life
no need to be sad
knowing we're alive
life can be beautiful this way now
let the real emotions
burst out from your heart...
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Lyrics to Real Emotions
by Kami

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