Lyrics to Sometimes
by Kano

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[edit]Song titleSometimes
[edit]Artist nameKano
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yo, yo yo yo yo
When I see the fans go mad I think why do they like me?
Theres about a thousand other boys just like me
Spittin lyrics on the mic dressed in nike
What makes me so special?
When they say im the next one to blow
I say why do they think me?
All I do is stay in mostly and sleep
And all I do is watch channel u and drink tea, why me?
All I do is listen to myself and get my lyrics in order
Play my own songs and give a mirror performance
Now im about to sign im sort of in there with warmers
Im movin on now, wish me good luck
My manager said this the quickest deal ever
I said 18 years aint the quickest deal ever
Im tryin 2 sell and make the quickest meal ever
Support my family so I can feel better
But its not for the cheddar,
Its not for the fame
Its not for the rolex
Its not for the chain
Its just for the respect, ive been
doin this for years remember
Free of charge I aint rich yet

sometimes I think is it all worth it
I aint a popstar I cant be perfect
Ive know ive got far, but is it to far to turn back?
sometimes I have to kick myself
coz sometimes I cant believe this shit myself
Find more similar lyrics on sometimes youll see me in a daydream
finkin could be underground goin mainstream
sometimes I have to kick myself
coz sometimes I cant believe this shit myself
so sometimes youll see me in a daydream
finkin could be underground goin mainstream

its so real now, ive had dreams of this album
so reality is the theme of this album
boy I dunno if ill make cream off this album
I just wanna see fans screamin and shoutin
I aint doubting my ability but sometimes
I think why me particularly
What different have I got to offer lyricly?
But maybe there is something about me
that the worlds dying to see
And without me, who can replace me a few can amaze me
And literally do what I do to the rave scene
and go from spittin in the booth to the mainstreem
but am I gifted? Maybe I am
18 im only a baby I am they say
but was I born to do this ? yes
I don't have to sign no forms to do this but
I just take it one step at a time
One word at a time
one stage at a time
one breath at a time
until I run out of time.

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Lyrics to Sometimes
by Kano

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