Kanye West - Girls (Remix) Lyrics
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[edit]Song titleGirls (Remix)
[edit]Artist nameKanye West
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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[Kanye Talking]

it's Kanye West straight outta
Chi-Town Super Producer brought you
joints like H to the Izzo Take over
and that new Scarface single and im I'm chillin with da
da leader of da new school absolute heavy hitters yall

throat while theres there's vocals in the back) back]
im kanye
I'm Kanye titta 1st of all comin str8 from da chi
uh i dont I don't lie
it's like da singer say
I've been known to do beats like that know wha im I'm sayin
brought u hits such as uh uh
I love girls girls girls girls
gimme some brain before i I hop up on this plane
gotta head right back to da chi
[Verse 1]enter deleted
now even though i I went to college and
dropped outta school quick
I always had a p.h.d. a pretty huge d*ck dick
ladies tired of gettin ripped off by guys like this
givin head is like a whale thats that's usin a toothpick
well im I'm in da club for a limited time only
two way a phony or phone me if you tryna bone me
ya man got monie ya still feel lonely
claim he love you its it's no doubt its it's gwen stef-phony
you a light skinneded nia
dark skinneded tamia
black jennifer lopez
a ghetto senorita
you remind me of my jeep but not nokia
we can talk on my cell but not nokia
it be goin in and out thats that's why i I barely here ya
it be goin in and out like a robberia
I'm tryna take dis money like rob and gia
and imma I'mma take u to my house like trick and trina
chi-town chi-town big city of dreams
and my d*ck dick so big it cant can't fit in my jeans
and a bitch so mad she cant can't get in my cream
and it gets so bad she wanna tear up my things but still

[Hook x2]

K-A-N-Y-E chi-town play ya out in NYC
she said she wanna go on a shoppin spree
but her some cheap J.LO jeans cuz da ass is free
[Verse 2]

I love girla girls i I got a fetish for em 'em
but not no lettuce for em
dick and bad credit for em
bills bills i I know she tryna get paid
she know im I'm tryna get laid
she figure thats that's an even trade off
if she a stewardess i I show her to my cockpit
if she a lawyer than i I give her johnny cochran
if she wanna see me again she betta get
2 friends then maybe then
we'll have group sex toothex
and a young girl off dat x
and she just turned eight teen
that's when she was against the law
so for her bithday i I put this d*ck against her jaw
and like a picture in a frame put it against the wall
said she had never been with a man before
but she not a virgin huh she a lady lover
i didnt
I didn't know yall take each other out
and date each other uh but dats a lady lover
i aint
I ain't even know dat was ya baby mother

[Hook x1]

[Kanye Talking w/vocals in da back]
Explain da outro man dont don't nobody never get to the outro
I just take a whole record and just
I'm not gonna talk about the producer sh*t shit right now
I just want n*ggaz niggaz to realize my
shit u know what im I'm sayin
2002 aight i I sounded real mad on the
last mixtape im I'm not even gonna
go there this time ok
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Lyrics versions21Show words ADDED in version 2 as green
Show words REMOVED in version 1 as red

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Kanye West - Girls (Remix) Lyrics
changes from version 1 to 2

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