Lyrics to Moments Of Pleasure
by Kate Bush

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[edit]Song titleMoments Of Pleasure
[edit]Artist nameKate Bush
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Some moments that I've had
Some moments of pleasure

I think about us lyin'
Lyin' on a beach somewhere
I think about us divin'
Divin' off a rock, into another moment

The case of George the wipe
Oh God I can't stop laughin'
This sense of humour of mine
It isn't funny at all
Oh but we sit up all night
Talkin' about it

Just bein' alive
It can really hurt
These moments given
Are a gift from time

On a balcony in New York
It's just started to snow
He meets us at the lift
Like Douglas Fairbanks
Wavin' his walkin' stick
But he isn't well at all
The buildings of New York
Find more similar lyrics on just like mountains through the snow

Just being alive
It can really hurt
And these moments given
Are a gift from time
Just let us try
To give these moments back
To those we love
To those who will survive

And I can hear my mother sayin'
"Every old sock meets an old shoe"
An' that a great sayin'
"Every old sock meets an old shoe"
Here come the Hills of Time
Hey there Maureen, hey there Bubba
Dancin' down the aisle of a plane
'Smurph, playin' his guitar refrain

Hey there Teddy
Spinnin' in the chair at Abbey Road
Hey there Michael
Do you really love me?
Hey there Bill
Could you turn the lights up?
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Lyrics to Moments Of Pleasure
by Kate Bush

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