Lyrics to Harvey
by Kathy Mar

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[edit]Song titleHarvey
[edit]Artist nameKathy Mar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm sorry to disturb you but you look a kindly sort
I'm looking for a friend of mine he's white
and not what you'd call short
Six feet if he's an inch, pink-eyed and
dressed with perfect care
From ears to tail a gentleman and singularly rare

Chorus: Have you seen my good friend Harvey
We stopped in down the street
We'd only had a beer or two
When he said he had some friends to meet
And Harvey is so friendly
He makes me very proud
To say I am his special friend
To everyone out loud

He came this way I'm certain 'cause
he leaves a special glow
On all the faces in the places he might get to know
It seemed so very peaceful when I looked into this bar
I thought old Harvey must be here, "My
goodness there you are"

Chorus: Have you met my good friend Harvey
He's really quite sublime
Come out and do the town with us
Find more similar lyrics on can guarantee a real fine time
For Harvey is so friendly
The good time never ends
And all the folks we haven't met
Are just our will-be friends

Whenever I'm with Harvey I have all the time I please
The pleasant hours last twice as long
and pass with grace and ease
But all the dull and boring times that
plague our lives each day
Dance on before you blink an eye when Harvey comes to stay

Chorus: Say Hello to my friend Harvey
And come along today
He'll slip a month into an hour
And we'll tour from here to Mandalay
And when our lunch is over
And we've wandered home again
We'll all go out to some new bar
And make another friend

Words and music: Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar
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Lyrics to Harvey
by Kathy Mar

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