Lyrics to Marching in the Streets
by Kathy Mar

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[edit]Song titleMarching in the Streets
[edit]Artist nameKathy Mar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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1982 Kathy Mar

So they've stopped making speeches and they've started making war
There are plastic pocket calculators tallying the score
And a multitude of gentle hearts are wildly skipping beats
And is this why we all went marching in the streets

The uniforms go marching by in jets of screaming pain
As they rise into the rockets holding poisons dressed as rain
And a million brazen buglers can no longer sound retreat
And is this why we all went marching in the streets

Now they've found a way to kill the men and let the buildings stand
And they've blindly put the switches into aging madmens' hands
Ones who dream of war and glory and a thousand mighty feats
And is this why we all went marching in the streets

Find more similar lyrics on the children are demanding if we've sold our souls or worse
As we tear their world to splinters for the profits of our purse
As they turn their backs on us the question once again repeats
Is this why we all went marching in the streets

So you think no more of marching all the protesters are gone
And you've paid the price once asked of you and now the debt is done
Well believe it if you will but if you don't get off your seats
They'll soon have us all out marching in the streets

We are raising up our voices for the cause of peace again
They're preparing us for war now but they will not tell us when
We must stop them here and now before the final armies meet
Or there'll be no one left for marching in the streets

And is this why we all went marching in the streets?
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Lyrics to Marching in the Streets
by Kathy Mar

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