Lyrics to Enchanted
by Katy Rose

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[edit]Song titleEnchanted
[edit]Artist nameKaty Rose
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I broke my crown while
kissing little flowers
I floated up the stairs and
fell through the tower

You drew the sparkle back into my eyes
With your colored pencil
Tracing the years of my hunger like a
Plastic stencil

I'm still enchanted
You're still implanted in me
I'm still enchanted

The clouds carressed my sky and smoke
Find more similar lyrics on my tears up
My viens are sweetly singing while
Blood drains from my cup

I blink my eyes and I am so
So enchanted
There's so much beauty that we take for

I'm still enchanted
You're still implanted in me
I'm still enchanted

repeat chorus after guitar solo
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Lyrics to Enchanted
by Katy Rose

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