Lyrics to Twenty Percent
by Keepsake

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[edit]Song titleTwenty Percent
[edit]Artist nameKeepsake
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Another pointless dream
Fades away
And I'm forced to open my eyes
And I wish I was
Still asleep
Through the pane the sun shines on my face

And fate has imprisoned me in
one more perfect day
A fractured image leaves only black
And I grow distant as I have once before

Now it has occurred and I can't escape
From these memories that run so deep
Prevented of everything devoid of sleep
And my attempt at deletion remains incomplete

I knew it would and depression would return
I wish I could end my life
Find more similar lyrics on you have left me weak
So I guess this sadness is my eternity

I know that if we'd never met
I'd have a smile on my face
But if given a choice
I'd endure the pain

I wish it were one-hundred but
it's twenty-percent
That from my only wish
Would bleed reality
Countless attempts are made
But it's all in vain
Because it's just too easy

To enter another daydream
Maybe I'd forget you on one summer's day
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Lyrics to Twenty Percent
by Keepsake

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