Lyrics to You won
by Keith Urban

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[edit]Song titleYou won
[edit]Artist nameKeith Urban
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There was a world outside my door
I wasn't in touch with anymore
There was a way I used to feel
I knew what was and wasn't real

You built a bridge, I tore it down
I felt safe on shaky ground
And I was a master of despair
Making believe, I didn't care

I shouldn't be standin' here today
After all the crazy things I've done
I'm ready to fall and that's okay
I ran as far as I could run and you won

Out of the world turned upside down
It took some time to come around
Out of the dream you made me whole
Yes you did, you lit a fire down in my soul

I shouldn't be standin' here today
Find more similar lyrics on all the crazy things I've done
I'm ready to fall and that's okay
I ran as far as I could run and you won

I shouldn't be standin' here today
After all the crazy things I've done
I'm ready to fall and that's okay
I ran as far as I could run and you won

And you won

I thought I knew what I was doin'
I thought I was in control, I thought nobody could slow me down
But what did I know? I was just a kid, a motherless child
With no one to watch over me, I was runnin' wild

Free of all responsibility 'til my life
And my love for myself caught up with me
Yeah, it caught up with me
And now I'm, yes I am so ready
Lord knows, I'm ready to fall
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Lyrics to You won
by Keith Urban

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