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One Chance at a Time by Kenny Loggins

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[edit]Song titleOne Chance at a Time
[edit]Artist nameKenny Loggins
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hello there
You tell me
You got a lot of real respect
For my kind
The Old Timers
I'm old enough to know the rules.
But nobody gave me the book
I had to learn to improvise myself
'N time 'n time I let me down
Until I learned the hard way
How to feel
What's real

But you get one chance at a life
To give it all and get it right
'N after all this time in mine
Everything I thought I knew
Was tellin' me
To give it up
And leave it all behind
But you get endless second chances
To take it One Chance at a Time
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For love 'n money
I made a lot-a dumb mistakes
In my time
Believe me
I proved and proved it
I can't believe I'm gonna prove it again
It's time to reinvent myself
But where the hell does the fire come from
When makin' it don't make it anymore?


Time and Love
I been lookin' all my life
For time and love
Hoping a breeze will come 'n take me
I been waiting
And waiting
And sailing in one place
Like a bird against the wind
Afraid to turn and fly away
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Version 1 (oldest) of Lyrics to
One Chance at a Time by Kenny Loggins

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