Lyrics to Till I Can't Take it Anymore
by Kenny Price

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[edit]Song titleTill I Can't Take it Anymore
[edit]Artist nameKenny Price
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Let's not fight it anymore unpack the bags and
close the door I'll never leave you
Though you lied right from the start I can't convince my stupid heart
Not to believe you
You've got two good men strung out and there's not the slightest doubt
That other men have loved you before
But you work your thing so well I'll dream of heaven and live in hell
Till I can't take it anymore
If I had one ounce of pride I'd stand up or step aside but girl I love you
So I'll accept the crumbs you drop cause I'm a fool and I can't stop
Or rise above you
Let him speak up for himself I speak for me and no one else
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Oh you work your things so well I'll dream of heaven and live in hell
Till I can't take it anymore
I'm too far gone to turn around to lift myself up
off the ground and start all over
Now he or I must win or lose no matter which one
you may choose you'll be in clover
While you're making up your mind I'll be praying all the time
Praying that you won't be letting me go
Oh yes you work your thing so well I'll dream of heaven and live in hell
Till I can't take it anymore
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Lyrics to Till I Can't Take it Anymore
by Kenny Price

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