Lyrics to If I Knew What I Know Now
by Kenny Rogers

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[edit]Song titleIf I Knew What I Know Now
[edit]Artist nameKenny Rogers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well, hello girl, tell me, how have you been?
By the way, I`ll never make
the same mistake again
And you know girl, it`s been a long hard time
Nothing like back when you were mine.

And if I knew then what I know now
I`d have found the way
To make things work out somehow
I`d have held you tight
I`d have treated you right
If I knew then what I know now.

Find more similar lyrics on`s a crazy world for a boy and a girl
Harder than it is for a woman and a man
Oh, it was easy then just to push you away
Guess I never knew how I feel today.

If we knew then ...

You know I do things differently
If you ever come back to me
If we could just go back in time
There`s no broken heart
Girl, we`re at the start this time.
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Lyrics to If I Knew What I Know Now
by Kenny Rogers

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