Lyrics to Sunshine
by Kenny Rogers

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[edit]Song titleSunshine
[edit]Artist nameKenny Rogers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sunshine, you may find my window
But you won’t find me
And sunshine, I’ve got my friend of darkness
Here tonight, to hide me

So sunshine, as far as I’m concerned
I’m where, I want to be
And sunshine, as far as you’re concerned
Don’t be concerned for me

'Cos she doesn’t love me anymore
She doesn’t want me, Lord
She doesn’t need me anymore
Find more similar lyrics on grew tired of chasing rainbows

But I loved her, true
And, God, you know I tried
And I guess, she was right
'Cos, I’m at the end
I found the part, but there’s no golden sun

So, sunshine can’t you see, I’m not alone?
Don’t bother me
And sunshine, pick up your dawn
And move on, down the street
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Lyrics to Sunshine
by Kenny Rogers

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