Lyrics to Grinded to Dust
by Khaosick

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[edit]Song titleGrinded to Dust
[edit]Artist nameKhaosick
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The yearning for flesh
Obsessed my brain
Extermination my only aim
Spilling blood
Carnal lusts
Screaming victims
Grinded to dust
Crushing the skulls
of my enemies
Slashing their
throats and make
Abominations to mankind
Pleasures to me
Unsilent screams
Horrible dismemberment
Twitching bodies
Streamed with blood
Shattered bones
Left to rot
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All they are
Condemned to die
Ripping flesh in ecstasy
Blood thirst
It's a part of me
Violence without
Piece by piece
Slaughter takes no end
As my axe
continues to
Helpless victims
Hung dead bleeding
Perverse with the dead
Feasting on their flesh
Though murder
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Lyrics to Grinded to Dust
by Khaosick

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