Lyrics to Loud and Clear
by Kid Capri

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[edit]Song titleLoud and Clear
[edit]Artist nameKid Capri
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Kid: We are willin to work your body
Now we are ready if you are ready

Soundcheck 1, 2 hear me Loud and Clear
cause I got something that you need to hear
Kid Capri and Lost Boyz need it Loud and Clear
cause I got something that you need to hear

Verse One: Lost Boyz

Hey yo
I only hit you with the shit that's official
why shouldnt I be an M.C that's my initial
beside showing skills is really nothin new to me
and known top is what I want me and my crew to be
soon to see how us official niggaz get down
ask around kid it's on when we get down
the rap roads still doin rap shows
brava counterfeit hit you wit the rap flows
hot to def rockin till there's nothin left shit
that's all you got that's the secret that you kept shit
you coulda saved it my whole teams faded
youza fag and a flag you need to wave it
yo, lay my laws hit the ball then score
cause nigga scared he ain't pra pared for war
it's selby fan it's the gees Kid Capri
me and my man na representive from the N.Y.C

Chorus: Kid Capri

Soundcheck 1, 2 hear me Loud and Clear
cause I got something that you need to hear
Kid Capri and Lost Boyz need it Loud and Clear
cause I got something that you need to hear 2x

Verse 2: Lost Boyz

I'm on the block late night sounds coming outta cars
headed to titti bars New York city stars
we in a spot where much cash flashin
niggaz lookin for some action
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Bridge: Kid Capri

Hey yo!
All the ladies in the house say yeeeeeaaaahhhhh
(then yeeeaahhhh said by the ladies) ya don't stop
all the fellas in the house say hooooooooooooo
(then hoooooooo said by the fellas) ya don't stop

Verse 3: Lost Boyz

Word Up
you know me gotta shortie on my lap cousin
hand me that I can take it to slap
shortie rockin that ass cause she bouncin so fast
got my drink comin up of my glass
word, cell ringin jewlery swingin
more drinks to the table is what they bringin
whose most rollin dice in the rear
shorties scared but they ain't gettin nothin of that ye
I keep my eyes on them cats tryin to get me
besides to eat I got my niggaz in here wit me
from outta town you know how I row
hold it down if you said it we led off of rans
but since we rappin ima hit you wit the hot shit
that why not come through blow yo spot shit
basicly LB Bear Kid Capri young cats from the Nyc
do you feel me

Kid Capri naming some cites

Bridge: Lost Boyz

Throw yo hands up if you game is tight yall
and if you down to do this here all night yall
make ya hands swerve from left to right yall
I rolled an L all I need is a light yall 2x

Chorus repeated
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Lyrics to Loud and Clear
by Kid Capri

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