Lyrics to Big Tough World
by Kieran Goss

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[edit]Song titleBig Tough World
[edit]Artist nameKieran Goss
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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These are days of new despair
I see it raging everywhere
Fast forward lives and neon signs
Justify the bottom line

Cynicism pays so well
Truth is only there to sell
We burn our wings upon the sun
Tumble to the ground
Silence shattered by the sound of guns

So wrap your arms around my heart
Find more similar lyrics on'll hold your hand as we
leap into the dark
Cause we're both blind enough to see
It's a big tough mean rough dirty
Cold cold world

Wealth parades as happiness
More and more means less and less
No tragedy remains unseen
Beaming into every home
Makes me shiver to the bone
Flesh and blood and fashion overblown
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Lyrics to Big Tough World
by Kieran Goss

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