Lyrics to We'll Understand
by Kieran Goss

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[edit]Song titleWe'll Understand
[edit]Artist nameKieran Goss
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We went up to the old barn
Down to the truth
Drenched by the rain storm
Suffering the dreuth
You questioned my leaving
You could have changed my mind
Led by the bright lights
I left you behind

Give a little time,
we'll understand
Give a little time,
we'll understand
Give a little time,
we'll understand

Over the mainstream
Find more similar lyrics on under the sky
Chilled by the cold winds
We said goodbye
Misconceived notions
Fed by our peers
Hardened the soul in me
Drove you to tears

Blessed by the grace of God
Cursed by our lies
Pleading indifference
And guilty as tried
Feeling of emptiness
That I don't disguise
Led me back home again
Opened my eyes
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Lyrics to We'll Understand
by Kieran Goss

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