Lyrics to Escape
by Kiley Dean

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[edit]Song titleEscape
[edit]Artist nameKiley Dean
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1
I'm looking for salvation
A place where I can find
peace, I don't know so
I turn to you
So many complications
Everyday it's something,
I'm so confused

Escape from my mind
Escape from my life
Escape anywhere
Escape far away from here

Verse 2
I'm losing all my patience
It's so hard to resist
it; you don't know
what I'm going through
No more hesitation
Some things are so
intoxing; I know what I
have to do

Half the time I can't
live my own life
Find more similar lyrics on be told I am fading away
I cannot go on where I fit in
So much stride, what am I going to do

Escape from my mind
Escape from my life
Escape anywhere
Escape far away from here

Much as I need seclusion from here
There some thing inside
me holding me down
Need to find a place
where no one else is
Far away from everything that I know

Hook: 2x
Escape from my mind
Escape from my life
Escape anywhere
Escape far away from here

From my mind
Oh aahh
Anywhere, yeah yeah
Far away from here
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Lyrics to Escape
by Kiley Dean

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