Lyrics to Can't Take it Away
by Kill Your Idols

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[edit]Song titleCan't Take it Away
[edit]Artist nameKill Your Idols
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm as passive as I can be
I'm so blind i can't see
Why people take advantage of me
Squeeze me dry of all I've got
Drained of life, I slowly rot
Just because I care a lot
Take my money, take my time
Take whatever I call mine
Never greedy always fucking kind
Now I'm empty do you care
Doesn't matter
I'm always there to let you
strip me fucking bare
Can't take it away from me 3x
Find more similar lyrics on't take my pride
All I know is all I've got
But i know i have a lot time
for this to fucking stop
Playing games with my head
suppressed anger burning red
It's better off
that I have something said
Blank stares and blatant lies
half truths and alabis
pull the shades over my eyes
Now I'm wise to your game
and I see it's all the same
Once again myself
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Lyrics to Can't Take it Away
by Kill Your Idols

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