Lyrics to What I've Become
by Kill Your Idols

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[edit]Song titleWhat I've Become
[edit]Artist nameKill Your Idols
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's alright to be alone again it's been fun used
again I can handle what is true it's not easy
being you can't feel pain when I'm numb can accept
what you've done I don't leave myself open to pain
because I know I'd be hurt again Chorus: From
what you've done is what I've become for me things
Find more similar lyrics on't work out at all if you're on the bottom
there's nowhere to fall whatever you looking for
it's not here you should be looking elsewhere I'm
as hollow as a long dead tree I think its to let
it be. Repeat Chorus
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Lyrics to What I've Become
by Kill Your Idols

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