Lyrics to Gonna Be a Rockstar
by Killer Boy Rats

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[edit]Song titleGonna Be a Rockstar
[edit]Artist nameKiller Boy Rats
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Gonna be a big star
See my name in lights
Gonna play my guitar
Gonna play all night

Gonna go to town
My friends and me
Driving in a big car
Back in time for tea

But my homework is waiting for me
There's no escape and no TV
why does homework always get you
Down, down, down

Gonna be a rock star
Don't need to go school
Gonna be a rock star
Will be living by the swimming pool
Gonna be a rock star
Just you wait and see
Cause the boy on that stage will be me

In the studio
We’ll be good to go
Zero zombies beat
We’ll rock the show
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We're gonna jam all night
We’ll be getting down
To the morning light
We'll be foolin' around

But with my homework
I'm stuck here again
Should be on the stage gonna entertain
Why does homework always get you
Down, down, down

Gonna be a rock star
Never need to go to school
Gonna be a rock star
We won't be nobody's fool
Gonna be a rock star
Just you wait and see
'Cause the boy on that stage will be me

We're gonna be rock stars
We're gonna save the school!
We're gonna be rock stars
we won't be nobody’s fool
Gonna be rock stars
Just you wait and see
Cause the boy on that stage will be me!!!
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Lyrics to Gonna Be a Rockstar
by Killer Boy Rats

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