Lyrics to Ready Set Go
by Killer Mike & T.I.

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[edit]Song titleReady Set Go
[edit]Artist nameKiller Mike
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hut one, Hut two two
Ready set go
Make these niggas get right
Or get low
Hut one, hut two two
Ready set go
Make these niggas get right
Or get low
Get low, get low or get right right
Holla kill kill for da nigga Big Mike Big Mike
Get low get low or get right right
Holla kill kill for da nigga Big Mike Big Mike

Verse 1: Killer Mike
I know these streets bout tired of this weak shit, ya style been ran thru like a freak bitch.
Da pussy club got ya angered with ya frequent.
Ed hard hard ass nigga and ya sequence, might as well shop at victoria secret have em gift warp you some "I love Pink" shit.
Rap due and ya'll niggas deliquent, ya better find anotha nigga to link with, cause da nigga you link with is a lie fool, I used to bully dat monkey nigga in high school.
Sit at da lunch table, steal and eat his damn food.
da pretty girls, dey say, Michael a damn fool.
I get my work on, and get my flirt on.
I say fuck em he a pussy put a skirt on em.
I said fuck em he a pussy put a skirt on em.


Verse 2: Killer Mike
Find more similar lyrics on'm da prada, of da age of narcotta, da kings on dope like da pill you swallow.
Down by law I lead don't follow.
Grind time, grand hustilin for gualla.
I remain in the game to break lames off, some of dem sensitive and some too soft.
Da hood been forced to fuck with ya'll by default.
But now da truth here da bullshit cuts off.
This is real homie, no fake, no filler, 100 percent grade A killer.
Somethin like da bitch that I keep in Villa Rica,
but I'm a be quiet cause dey might Mike Vick ya, might catch Mike with a light Mike Vicka.
Some purple kush that'll get me high like a missle.
Smokin one deep cause I don't fuck with cha,
sincerely from da hustle and grind time official.

Let's go let's go
Grand hustle
Money on our mind and we ain't goin down sucka.

And Grind time, Hut two and Grand Hustle,
send em here got em here look at da king bankhead sucka.


Zone 1 thru zone 4, nigga zone 6 as well homeboy you know what's happenin.
Yeah, yeah da niggas who been 'posed to been runnin dis shit done started runnin da shit.
Patna, ya understand? Muh fucka ain't nothin you gone do about it homes.
Ya betta muh fuckin keep ya lunch money in ya got damn wastebasket nigga.
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Lyrics to Ready Set Go
by Killer Mike & T.I.

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