Lyrics to We Have joy
by Killing Joke

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[edit]Song titleWe Have joy
[edit]Artist nameKilling Joke
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Idle toying, worship the whore,
Forbidden was bidden,
kiss turned to gnaw
Indolent minds, broken rules
The grey land is falling,
Laugh at the fools
We have Joy - We have Joy!

We was drunk, intoxicate
No time for doubt, no time, no late
Find more similar lyrics on saw the laughing one - this was the West
he said "take your spear and
puncture the flesh"
We have Joy! - We have Joy!

We was drunk, intoxicate
No time for doubt, no time, no late
Brandish the weapon, Sound out the din
We feeling red now - time to move in
We have Joy - We have Joy!
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Lyrics to We Have joy
by Killing Joke

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