Lyrics to My Curse
by Killswitch Engage

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[edit]Song titleMy Curse
[edit]Artist nameKillswitch Engage
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I watched you walk away
Hopeless with nothing to say
I screen my eyes
Hoping to see you again

This is my curse
(The longing)
This is my curse
This is my curse
(The yearning)
This is my curse

There is love burning to find you
Will you wait for me? Will you be there?

Your silence haunts me
But still I hunger for you

This is my curse
(The longing)
This is my curse
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This is my curse
(The needing)
This is my curse

There is love burning to find you
Will you wait for me?

Still I want and still I ache
But still I wait to see you again

Dying inside these walls
Dying inside these walls

Can I see your face in these tears?
In these tears and I see your face

There is love, there is love
There is love, there is love
There is love, there is love
There is love, there is love
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Lyrics to My Curse
by Killswitch Engage

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