Lyrics to Outside the box
by Kim S. Schinkel

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[edit]Song titleOutside the box
[edit]Artist nameKim S. Schinkel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What's lighting up the morning sky
May not ALWAYS be the sun.
It may not have yet made it to the west
For some to say, "The day is done".

There's always time to think outside the box.

A start is only as fresh
As you wanna make it to be.
Truth has to be as good for you
As it is for them and me.

Now's a good time to think outside the box.

In the end, words aren't so special.
I always heard that talk is cheap.
I'd rather spend my energy on the
Miles to go before I sleep.
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Take some time to think outside the box.

This towel's marked "Hers", but
that one's not "Hims"---
What else can I say?
Homophobes and homonyms---
And sin's tax gone astray.

Why not try to think outside the box?

I'll tell my doctor this Saturday night,
"Experiment on my thoughts"
I'm cleaning up a mess at Bikini---
What NOW hath science wrought?

What better time to think outside the box?
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Lyrics to Outside the box
by Kim S. Schinkel

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