Lyrics to Next Time
by Kina Grannis

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[edit]Song titleNext Time
[edit]Artist nameKina Grannis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well I believe in a land
A land where fairy tales await
Kisses hang on hooks like bait
And swing slowly back and forth
Before the faces of two lonely souls
This land in which I'm speaking of
Houses such hatred, grief and love
So many wild and crazy things
Emotions you would never dream of
Yet they're tearing through
Your burdened heart, your soaking eyes

And I think it's time
I realized the strange reality
That this life, this land
Is here and now and this person is me
But I'm not gonna waste this moment next time

Now when the night has found its end
Find more similar lyrics on're sitting with that special friend
A pause, it drifts between then and your departure
Don't walk away, that's unwanted space
Lingering between you and the other
Move in, move in, move in for the kill

And I think it's time
I realized the strange reality
That this life, this land
Is here and now and this person is me

You will not forgive yourself
You will not move gracefully forward, no
You will dwell, oh will you ever
It's hell, let me tell you, oh
Sit all night, waste this moment
No, I will never waste this moment
Said I will not waste this moment next time, no
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Lyrics to Next Time
by Kina Grannis

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