Lyrics to No More me
by King Diamond

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[edit]Song titleNo More me
[edit]Artist nameKing Diamond
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Diamond - Thompson/ Diamond

Why am I strapped to this hospital bed?

"First your eyes, then your skin
We will make you feel.. born again..
No More Me my friend"

A shiny scalpel is in the Master's hand
His Wife has got the jars for Blood, she keeps one near
I fear for my life, No More Me
I fear there will be No More Me at all
Is this goodbye sweet life...

Ahhhhh...Scalpel cuts, eyelids drop
Into a jar...I'm crying Blood
Fingers pull my eyeballs out...
Find more similar lyrics on snap...I bleed a lot

They set my eyes into this Puppet's head
And still my eyes can see, I'm looking back.. at myself
And what I see is No More Me at all
I have no eyes

My veins...feel.. like worms
Drying in the sun... this takes too long
Stripping skin from all my bones
Pain too senses they go numb

All of my Blood is now in little jars
I should be dead by now, but I am still
I am still alive inside my eyes
And I see Emerencia throw my carcass in the trash
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Lyrics to No More me
by King Diamond

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