Lyrics to No Hook
by King James Jr

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[edit]Song titleNo Hook
[edit]Artist nameKing James Jr
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Can't lie who wouldn't love the life of a heart throb
Keep your girl close before her heart get rob
doesn't matter the distance I'm still get her nigga
Fuck her in your car as I'm eating your steak dinner
But that's a different mood than my vision of this song
So fuck what you think and lets carry a long
I try my best to let her feel the life that's called fame
Did too much now she love me or so she claim
Could she use me to get to the next level to the top
Would she have been down if my shit never drop
These are questions that run though my mind on regular bases
Turn my back once now she's all in everybody faces
But I never let her get too close to my personal life
don't trust her when I sleep so that's why I keep a knife
Damn shit this girl might be fucking crazy
Fucked up mind but that's still my lady

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She said she trying to see me without my fucking cup
Damn baby let’s not get to extreme
Think about that purple stuff even in my dreams
So let’s not go there not even as a joke
Know you been on face book why you ironge my poke
Try to get your attention but you said you were busy
Bet your ass pick up if my name was fucking drizzy
No Drizzy drake but my lyrical carry the same impact
Bad ass fucking red bones my songs do attract
Never been the type to let these girls control my mood
I anit being mean but I guess you can call it rude
You anit ever met a nigga with fucking mindset
One fucking finger I can have you all wet
Not cocky just its I know what I can do
And I can do the things to get you in the mood
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Lyrics to No Hook
by King James Jr

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