Lyrics to Time is out
by King Konga

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[edit]Song titleTime is out
[edit]Artist nameKing Konga
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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ain't gonna waste no time,
pacing 'round the floor.
'causse my life is getting better,
since you hit the door.
i didn't know you weren't worth,
the time that i spent.
i've wasted enough time,
wondering were the memories went.

time is out for wasting time.
gonna find me another.

Find more similar lyrics on change your mind,
and you always do.
well, i'm sick of your mind, baby,
and i'm damn sure sick of you.

when the breaks ain't good,
you wonder what went wrong.
you're gonna wake one day
and find our silver spoon
is gone.

time is out for wasting time.
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Lyrics to Time is out
by King Konga

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