Lyrics to Fearless
by King Nancy

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[edit]Song titleFearless
[edit]Artist nameKing Nancy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You can't ignore me anymore...walk down the hall
through the front door... Step outside and take a
breath of fresh air...look around and know this
day could be my last... Do you still think of someone who's afraid?

I've been going down...I've thought this
moment would be my last... But now its all been
changed...changed by the face of death...

Find more similar lyrics on don't own me anymore...walk across the
street where traffic wars... Climb to the rooftop
to end my fear... Now I've opened up my every day is like my last...

I'll play your can change the rules
if you like... Cause now I know all your
secrets....all your secrets... And now I'm
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Lyrics to Fearless
by King Nancy

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