Lyrics to Victim and Hate
by King's Evil

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[edit]Song titleVictim and Hate
[edit]Artist nameKing's Evil
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Liar the word that fits
Treachery is only a friend
Who said I feel fine?
Turning off ray sanity
Hate bleeds
Something's wrong with you
Acting out another's needs
Who do you think you are?
The pain unbound pulverizes you!

True black human
A heart of stonecold black
Falsified splits
Immense decay
Demented lust
What kind of a fool do
you take me for?
Living in sin
There is no
conscience inside of

Praise! Fake! Grace!
Rise! Rage! Hate!

Find more similar lyrics on is a lie, what is the truth?
Explain the truth again to me
Living by the lies
Swallow the lies until you are dead
I won't give into the false
I'll bring you down to your knees
I'll bring you to hell
You're gonna meet your fate
It's time to die
There's no time for your
imploring pleads
Come to me
Ask for help
The words I don't understand
All what I want is death

Fear caught in your eyes
Pray to live
Do what you have been told
Feeling fear of dying
I've lost control of my mind
Death is what I give
Creature of the fie
Burning with the flame
of death blood.
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Lyrics to Victim and Hate
by King's Evil

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