Lyrics to Song for a Friend
by Kingston Trio

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[edit]Song titleSong for a Friend
[edit]Artist nameKingston Trio
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When you sit and wonder
Why things have gone so wrong
And you wish someone would tell us
Where our friend has gone

Look then to the hills
When there's courage in the wind
And in the face of freedom
And those who look to him

And search within the heart
Of every young man with a song
Then I think we'll know
Where our friend has gone

Summer takes the winter
As the good years take the pain
Find more similar lyrics on'll be laughter in the land again
But hearts won't be the same

And I know I'll remember
When a chill wind takes the sky
And speak of the years he gave us hope
For they will never die

And as we gaze at brave young men
When yesterdays grow long
Then I think we'll know
Where our friend has gone

When you sit and wonder
Why things have gone so wrong
It's then that we'll remember
Where our friend has gone
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Lyrics to Song for a Friend
by Kingston Trio

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