Lyrics to Did ya
by Kinks

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[edit]Song titleDid ya
[edit]Artist nameKinks
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Went for a walk down the Old King's Road,
To see if anybody was there.
But there was nobody home at 3 Bywater Street,
And they had sold Cadogan Square.
And I remember myself in my tie dye sweater,
And my hipster corduroy flares.
As I knocked on doors,
And walked down one-way streets that led nowhere.

Ah, did ya ever think it wouldn't last forever?
Did ya ever think that it would get this bad?
Did ya ever think that everything would get so crazy?

Now the Chelsea Drug Store needs a fix,
It's in a state of ill repair.
And my Cuban heels are hurting my feet,
Just to add to my despair.
La-di-dahs drove Mini cars in the summertime.
(In the summertime)
Now they're towed away for parking
on a double yellow line,
And they can't pay the fine.
(Did you ever think)
Did you ever think we'd all believe the hype?
(Did you ever think)
Did you ever think the classes all
would revert back to type?
(Did you ever think)
Did you ever think the system ever really got it right?
Oh, baby.

They filled us full of false illusions and promiscuity,
And they led us down that class-less road to mediocrity.
As we walked down that alley way of hope,
We thought we'd found the motherload,
But we were led like lambs to that promise land,
With all the debts that we would owe.
Find more similar lyrics on trendies posed for tourist
pictures in the summertime.
(In the summertime)
Not content with taking Polaroids,
they purchased all the property that
they could find,
And I've just sold mine. (Did you ever!)

Did ya ever think that this green and plesant land,
(Did ya ever think)
Would end up in the bottom of some garbage can,
(Did ya ever think)
A dustbin full of promises and half-hearted plans.
Oh, baby.

Did ya, did ya, did ya ever think?
Did you ever think?
(In the summertime)

Now miseries and groaners moan and
reminisce about the good old times and
whine, whine, whine.
(Did ya ever think)
Did ya ever think when things were really fab,
(Did ya ever think)
That we'd be looking through a
dustbin for a dog-end to drag,
(Did ya ever think)
And sleep on park benches wrapped in plastic bags.
Oh, baby.

Did ya ever think that it would get this crazy?
(Did ya ever think)
Did ya ever think that it would get this way?
(Did ya ever think)
Did ya ever think that we would pay
the price for being lazy?
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