Lyrics to So Long
by Kinks

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[edit]Song titleSo Long
[edit]Artist nameKinks
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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So long, so long
Now I'm on my way
So long, so long
See you all some day

Don't know where I'm heading for
Turn my back and walk away
Don't think about what's left behind

Think about the good times
Think about the people you love
Think about the sun that is gone
And there ain't no use me talking 'bout the things we used to do

So long, so long
I'm better by myself
So long, so long
Don't need nobody else

If I fade from people's hearts
I'm glad I left them far behind
There's one thing that holds me still
I'm thinkin'

Find more similar lyrics on memory of your kiss
The memory of your sweet caress
The memory of you love that is gone
And there ain't no use me talking 'bout the things we used to do

So long, so long
Got no time for tears
So long, so long
Got music in my ears

Got no time for Muswell town
Gonna look around now
My old town was good to me
But, oh

Guess I'll say so long now
Don't even say a word
I'll turn my back and walk away but, oh
The day that I've seen everything I promise to return

So long, so long now I'm on my way
So long, so long, see you all some day
So long, so long now I'm on my way
So long, so long
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Lyrics to So Long
by Kinks

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