Lyrics to The Moment #1
by Kirk Franklin

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[edit]Song titleThe Moment #1
[edit]Artist nameKirk Franklin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Now, we are never alone
Your blood, it makes us strong
Now, there is power to move on
Never, we are never alone

Once I had a heart that just wanted to heal
No joy blowing through the wind
Your touch I couldn't feel
Near my end, I heard Your voice
Speaking comfort to my soul
Saying when you're weak, that's when I'm strong
Now I'm so glad I know

No more loneliness
No more cloudy days
No more crying in the midnight, or
The fears that just won't fade
No more loneliness
No more skies that all seem grey
For I'm resting in Your blood stained hands
Forever and always

Though I may fall
I fear Your call telling me
That I am free
I'm free indeed

Repeat Chorus

Thank You for the blood
All power
Healing power
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If it wasn't for the blood
No power
Healing power


Praise You for the blood
Gives me power
Holy Ghost power


So, this is how we honor You
You left Your throne to make us new
You became our substitute
So, we lift our hearts in praise
For the blood (falling on us)
For the blood (it gave me purpose)
For the blood (You are for us)
For the blood (who can be against us)

Oh, the cleansing power
It takes the guilt away
The lamb was sacrificed
Now we no longer the grave
No more condemnation
The debt of man is paid
By the blood 6x

It was the blood
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Lyrics to The Moment #1
by Kirk Franklin

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