Lyrics to Odyssey
by Kiss

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[edit]Song titleOdyssey
[edit]Artist nameKiss
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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From a far off galaxy, I
hear you calling me
we are on an odyssey
Through the realms of time and space
In that enchanted place
You and I come face to face
Once upon not yet, long ago someday
Countless times we've met,
met along the way

Through the luminescent night
On beams of neon light
You and I in wing-ged flight
As we cross the starry sea,
powered by what we see
Now and then, the victory


There's a child in a sundress
Find more similar lyrics on at a rainy sky
There's a place in the desert
Where an ocean once danced by
There's a song in the silence
Weaving in and out of time
We are notes in the music
Searching for remembered rhyme

On a mountain high somewhere
Where only heroes dare
Stand the stallion and the mare
We have been and we shall be
each other's destiny
One another's odyssey


We've met along the way....
We've met along the way
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Lyrics to Odyssey
by Kiss

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