Lyrics to Funeral for Yesterday
by Kittie

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[edit]Song titleFuneral for Yesterday
[edit]Artist nameKittie
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You're growing cold The end is near
I know it's sad Its true my dear
What's one more blow to seal this fate
And what's one more nail
It's getting late
So check our pulse
Keep our hearts from breaking
Beating still six feet deep
A funeral for all the love we've lost
We'll bury yesterday T
hings I've never said before
Find more similar lyrics on six feet deep B
uried alive I soon grow weak
One last embrace
Then never speak
Death warrant signed
Lying in state
This coffin is lined
It's never too late to check our pulse
Ooh You're growing cold Ooh
you're growing cold
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Lyrics to Funeral for Yesterday
by Kittie

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