Lyrics to Heartbreak Waltz
by Kitty Wells

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[edit]Song titleHeartbreak Waltz
[edit]Artist nameKitty Wells
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Pardon me Mister I see you're alone don't think
I'm bold I mean you no harm But I see through the
dim lights a tear in your eye could it mean you've
lost your love So let's dance dance our trouble
away while the band plays we'll swing and sway
Pretend we're happy though love we have lost while
we dance the Heartbreak Waltz steel
Find more similar lyrics on's to the someone who's making you blue was he
untrue unfaithful to you Did she go without
warning and leave to pine did your love find
another sweetheart So let's dance dance... piano

So let's dance dance...
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Lyrics to Heartbreak Waltz
by Kitty Wells

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