Lyrics to Wait for You
by Kj-52

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[edit]Song titleWait for You
[edit]Artist nameKj-52
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"what's up, na I'm just chillen,
how you doin ya,
ya I'll be over later, alright, I love you bye"

Yo check it, yo what's up girl yo what's the deal
and yo I can't front and act like I
don't know just how you feel
cuz I've been there and I've done that
it seems like no matter what you do your
feelin trapped, now it's a fact
now it's a serious choice that you
choosing to sleep with him
cuz you jsut afraid that your gonna lose him
you can't see the consequences of what your doing
he gonna leave you ruined
it's your body he just using
and I don't wanna hear what he done for you
how he kisses and hugs on you
and how he's like "i got love for you"
a man gotta do what a man gotta do
but what a man outta do's respect you
God's got a better plan for you a btter man for you
but it's up to you to pick from the
choices that I'm handing you
don't let him play with you cuz it ain't too late for you
cuz if he really loves you girl he'll just wait for you

I'm gonna wait for you,
I'll save myself for you
I'm gonna wait for you
I'll save myself for you

Yo yo what's up dude yo what's the deal
Find more similar lyrics on hear you braggin' how your baggin' chicks
oh yeah you keep it real
you got game you mack now you the player
sit down shut up and listen to what I gots to tell ya
you jsut a real man when your having sex right?
I used to have a dog who had sex every night
that didn't make my dog a real man now did it?
you ain't a real man cuz you hit it and
you bounced when you finished now
see to me it takes a real man to wait to get it
I waited till I was married son and I never regret it
it ain't a dirty word to be a virgin
God's got a better plan for you but
you need to start learning
I kow your burnin' see I ain't trying to make you mad
you gotta understand why all these kids ain't got no dad
what I lay down is common sense
is everybody wants sex but they don't want the consequence

I'm gonna wait for you
I'll save myself for you
I'm gonna wait for you
I'll save myself for you

I'm gonna wait for you
I'll save myself for you
I'm gonna wait for you
I'll save myself for you(babay)

"hello, ya ya listen we're not ready
ya we need to wait we gotta do this right,
ya alright, I love you I'll talk to you tomorrow"
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Lyrics to Wait for You
by Kj-52

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